Latino Town Hall  Junta de la Comunidad Latina                                                             

Join us and let us know your ideas to improve the lives of Latinos in Tacoma. Latino Americans-Small .jpg

Ven y cuèntanos las ideas que tienes para mejorar la vida de los Latinos en esta ciudad. 

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Take a look at these other programs and resources exploring the history, stories, people and issues of Latinos in America.

Echele un vistazo a estos otros programas y recursos acerca de la historia, personas y cuestiones de la comunidad Latina en los Estados Unidos.

American Graduate: Stories from the Classroom

Short docs featuring stories from Latino filmmakers: "The Smallest Step" animates 3D modeled avatars of diverse H.S. students against real world backdrops; "Overcomers" highlights two teens succeeding despite odds stacked against them; and "Every Girl Matters"

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Hispanic Heritage Month Bucket List

Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month with crafts, recipes and more!

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Immigration: Language

Language creates barriers & opportunities for refugees & immigrants in Tennessee, from a mobile ESL classroom to Spanish-language newspapers to “English Only” laws. Featuring "Community," which explores the challenges associated with Nashville's increasing mul

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Now en Español - Teaser

A fascinating look at a rarely seen side of Hollywood, “Now en Español” follows the trials and travails of five hard-working Latina actresses who dub "Desperate Housewives" for Spanish language audiences in the U.S.

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