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Chatterbox is presented in partnership with the Tacoma School of the Arts through the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program. The joint project aimed at giving students the opportunity to create media and gain experience and skills in production and journalism.

With training and guidance from KBTC staff, 20 SOTA students created Chatterbox, a student hosted talk show featuring prominent Tacoma professionals. 

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The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs connect students with a network of public broadcasting mentors, an innovative journalism curriculum an an online collaborative space to develop digital media, critical thinking and communication skills while producing original content. Watch the full episodes below.

Watch the College Vision versions of Chatterbox!

You can also see pre-packaged, 28 minute, Chatterbox segments created specifically for the Bates Technical College cable network, College Vision. College Vision is a training tool for students to learn how to work in a broadcast facility, do switching, media operations, television automation, and more. You can view College Vision from Saturday through Thursday on Click! channel 26. 

Matt Schwitzer (Marrow Restaurant)/Ben Warner (Alchemy Skateboarding)

Rachel Corrie Foundation 

Nate Bowling (Washington State Teacher of the Year) 

Ron Langrell (Bates technical College)/ Steve Wiebe (King of Kong)

School of the Arts Student Reporting Labs

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